It’s no secret that much of the “World of Warcraft” playerbase has been quite frustrated by the lack of access to flying mounts in the ‘Warlords of Draenor’ zones, which is why Blizzard recently announced plans to add flying to those areas in a future patch. Unfortunately, this has done little to stem the frustration […]


All life on Earth is at risk today, as a massive asteroid (2014-HB35) is expected to skim very close to our planet. While NASA and other scientific groups do not believe HB35 will actually strike the Earth, were it to do so, billions would perish immediately, and all life on Earth would be wiped out […]


It’s about time I stopped pussy-footing around, and said what I really think about MMORPGs! Today is a rant-fest years in the making… Contents: Intro¬†(0:39) Same shit, different week. Main Topics Are you playing an MMO with microtransactions? Then you are why MMORPGs are dying off (2:08) Why are many recent MMORPGs struggling, like “Wildstar”, […]