Four years ago, a sad little video podcast called “The MMO Troll” started up on Youtube. While this wasn’t my first foray into podcasting, as I had up until then been doing the “Full of Fail” video podcast for nearly a year at that point, it was clearly my best work to date. That show […]


Lots of questions today,¬†focusing on “Guild Wars 2″ and micro-transactions, MMO beta events, and MMORPG Livestreaming. Joining me on today’s show is my brother Tim, also known as Colt the occasional contributer to the “Roleplay Domain” podcast! Contents: Intro¬†(1:01) I have been playing the usual, as usual. But there was a special ‘Double AP’ weekend […]


Earlier this month, Joel Bylos announced that he was leaving his post as Game Director for Funcom’s modern horror MMORPG “The Secret World”, to take over the helm of a secret project for the company. This caused quite a bit of consternation and woe among the TSW playerbase, as this would be the second Game […]