I thought of doing some big retrospective for my 100th episode, but we have something coming like that in a few weeks, so instead I review “Rift: Nightmare Tide”, talk a bit about “Elite: Dangerous”, as well as “Warlords of Draenor” launch issues. Contents: Intro (0:37) We’ve made it to 100! Woot! Which, including all of my […]


The holiday season is upon us, with many people planning their usual Black Friday shopping forays, starting as early as Thanksgiving morning this year! But the big-box stores and malls aren’t the only places to get great deals this year, as many MMORPGs are offering deep discounts and special items in their in-game stores, as […]


My sources at Trion tell me, on condition of anonymity, that they are already hard at work on the next expansion for “Rift”! Yes, it is true that their latest expansion “The Nightmare Tide” launched late last month, but Trion is already looking ahead to what comes next! “This is something we’re really excited about,” […]