Now that Sony Online Entertainment has shifted most of their “Landmark” development team over to “Everquest Next”, my sources at SOE state that plans are in the works to conduct a full wipe of the “Landmark” servers, as they move into Open Beta. But once this wipe is complete, the focus of “Landmark” is going […]


The player community in “World of Warcraft” is well known for their surly, antisocial, even hateful ways. Their in-game chat channels are often filled with sexist, racist, and homophobic comments, which has driven some players away from the game, because of Blizzard’s apparent inability to uphold their own community standards. But it appears that at […]


Just wondering about this and that this week. I ask if there has been a secret nerf in “The Secret World”, are “H1Z1″ and “Landmark” doomed, and how long does CIG think they can string “Star Citizen” backers along? Contents: Intro (0:39) I’m in a bit of a holding pattern when it comes to “Rift”, but I […]