My sources at Trion tell me, on condition of anonymity, that they are already hard at work on the next expansion for “Rift”! Yes, it is true that their latest expansion “The Nightmare Tide” launched late last month, but Trion is already looking ahead to what comes next! “This is something we’re really excited about,” […]


Cryptic launched the newest¬†expansion for “Neverwinter”, the ominously-titled “Rise of Tiamat”, to much fanfare yesterday… But things have not gone well thus far. Reports of data corruption, lag, server crashes and more have plagued the game since the servers came back online after maintenance, but that is far from the worst of it. “There’s too […]


It’s unseasonably cold out, my minor cold turned into something much worse (yes, I’m always sick, but this is bad), and I’m all drugged up. So let’s talk about Raiding, killing the Solo playstyle, and why “World of Warcraft” is so damn popular Contents: Intro¬†(0:37) Doing work in “Rift”, and a few words from “Cat […]