Sources at Trion, who wish to remain anonymous, report that there are significant changes coming to housing in “ArcheAge”. As you may be aware, the housing system in AA is a rather┬ácontroversial┬ásubject, as it is a very popular system, but restricted primarily to players with Patron status, which can be purchased via a recurring subscription […]


Breaking – My sources at Bioware report (on condition of anonymity) that they have lost control of the “Destiny” game servers, as it appears the system has achieved sentience. Yes, the server network has developed its own artificial intelligence, and is actively rebelling against the development staff, trying to stop them from patching the software. […]


Be prepared for some major changes coming to “Neverwinter” later this year! My sources at Cryptic have stated, on condition of anonymity, that they are hard at work revising nearly every system in the game, not to mention adding a graphics update, and some revisions to current content. “We looked at the MMO landscape, and […]