Breaking: I have it on good authority that a major corporation is looking to buy out Zenimax, the developers of “The Elder Scrolls Online”. Sources close to the negotiations tell me, on condition of anonymity, that this company has made a massive offer for Zenimax and all of their assets, one likely too good to refuse. […]


Today I force myself to comment on “The Elder Scrolls Online”, now that it has gone Buy-to-Play. Also, I ask why so many people pine for the early days of an MMO, and provide clinical proof that Hardcores are indeed better than Casuals. Contents: Intro (1:01) Playing “Rift” and “Guild Wars 2″, and in the latter […]


There has already been some information released as to what will be included with the next major content patch for “Rift”, being Update 3.2, including a major revision to the Instant Adventure and Wardrobe systems. But it now appears that Trion considers the Wardrobe changes to be the heart of this update, and my sources at […]